Welcome to Monsta.

Free cPanel Hosting for people that want to get free services for their project or idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why for free?

We want to provide a service for users that want to get their site for school/work/project up and running, easily.

Are there strings attached?

Simply just follow the law and our ToS, we don't ask anything else of you.

Why is Softaculous & Emails disabled?

These have been disabled to prevent abuse on our networks.

What can I host here?

You are welcome to host your wiki, documentation, personal site, project or anything like that here. We do not welcome file hosting.


- 512MB Disk Space
- 1GB Bandwidth
- 1 Domain
Available for order for free.

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- 1GB Disk Space
- 1GB Bandwidth
- 1 Domain
Free 512MB for x2 Discord Boosts.

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- 60GB Disk Space
- 400GB Bandwidth
2.50 EURO
cPanel from our Partners.

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